Aeromaster 48-304: Air War over Vietnam - Korat Phantoms

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This sheet contains four markings options for early F-4E Phantom II aircraft. There planes all have the early gun nose and do not have slatted wings. They also do not have the triangle reinforcement on the tailplane nor the 'slime lights'.

There are kits out there for this, though the only one of which I'm aware that provides all the right bits is the ProModeler/Hasegawa version. There are also E model kits by Testors/Italeri and ESCI, but they are fairly old molds.  It is a bit unusual that with all the recent new tool F-4s in this scale, the E model seems to have been overlooked, at least for now. What makes it unusual is that the F-E was built in greater numbers than the other variants.

All of these are in SEA camouflage and I'm going to assume most are not to be very ratty or faded. They are also all from the 388 TFW, based at Korat.

The first in the early serial presentation is the wing commander's plane. His eight WWII victory markings are under the windscreen.

Next is a 34 TFS plane named "Diane".

Third option is also from the 34 TFS. This one has a shamrock on one side and a cartoon character on the other.

The final option is with the 469 TFS and is named "#1 Super Spook" with the cartoon spook holding a gun pod. These are all from the 1969/70 time period. 

July 2018

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