Aeromaster 48-286: Empire Defenders part 3

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

One more nice sheet for the Hasegawa J2M3 or the older Tamiya kit. Probably fit the Otaki version as well. The J2M was somewhat unique among IJN planes as it was designed as an interceptor. The result was a big engine, short wings, and the inability to dogfight like the Zero. This did not go over well with many pilots, but for those who realized the best way to fly the plane (hit and run), they were able to rack up a fairly good score of American planes.

This sheet provides markings for five aircraft. All are in Mitsubishi green over IJN light grey with yellow wing leading edges. Prop blades are all in the brown primer with some spinners in bare metal and others in the primer. All have black upper nose anti-glare panel.

All five options are with the 302nd Naval Air Group. The first plane was based at Kanoya Air Base while the other four operated from Atsugi Air Base. Note that on the fin under the code is the pilot's name. SOme also have kill markings.

Decals are nicely printed by Microscale and you are provided with enough insignia for two planes

July 2018

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