Aeromaster 48-276: Big Beautiful Jugs Part 2

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This next P-47D sheet is also for the later 'bubbletop' version with most of them in unpainted metal.  The recommended kits are by Hasegawa and Monogram, but these may well work on the newer Tamiya kit.

First up is a fairly colorful plane of the 79th FG. This plane has a Curtiss-Electric prop, as do most of the options, though the design is not mentioned. It has the fin fillet that was standard on the later -30 but retrofitted to other variants. The fin, upper horizontal stabs, and canopy surround are blue with the prop hub and cowl flaps in red. OD anti-glare panel.

From the 57th FG is 'Norma' which is a bit unusual as it is in OD over neutral grey Yellow ID bands on wings and tail along with a red cowling front and prop spinner. The rudder appears to be in medium green.

Third, with invasion stripes under the fuselage, is 'Dutchess' of the 373 FG. This plane has a red forward cowling and a black anti-glare panel where the others are OD.

Finally a 65 FS/57 FG plane with yellow bands on the wings and tail. 'The Ox Cart' had a red forward cowling and appears to have a Hamilton Standard prop.

May 2018

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