Aeromaster 48-257: Lysander Collection part 1

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

Though designed for the Testors/Italeri kit, you could probably use this without worries on the Gavia offering. About the only are where you might run into fit issues would be the rudder stripes on the first offering. Unless noted, the options are in the standard RAF camouflage scheme of dark green/earth over sky.

First up is a nice Free French plane operating out of what was then Equatorial Africa in 1942. Note that this plane carries standard and the Free French insignia on the underside of the wings.

Second is one that was used by the 1st Fighter Squadron of the Irish Air Corps in 1940. You will need to paint the white on the underside stripes.

The Finnish Air Force version was operated by LeLv 16 in 1942. This aircraft is in the standard dark green/black over light blue scheme. Note that it has a yellow fuselage band and underside wing tips.

Finally, an RAF Lysander from 1938. No unit information is provided, but it does carry a black left wing underside and white on the other side. 

February 2018

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