Aeromaster 48-256: Birdcage Corsair Part II

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Scott Van Aken

This 1996 sheet is designed for what was then the only ready to roll -1 Corsair kit in this scale, and that was by Hobbycraft. While AMT also did a 1/48 Birdcage, it is considerably cruder and at the time was not easily found. Since then Tamiya came out with this variant and that is what most modelers choose when building one. Thankfully early WWII USN schemes are not kit specific so this set should work well on whatever you want to place it upon.

This set has markings for five aircraft with two of them in the early scheme and the other three in variations on the Tricolor scheme of mid-war.

First up is a VMF-124 aircraft based in the Solomons in 1943. This one has an intermediate blue surround to the at least the fuselage insignia and was quite weathered.

Next, in the early scheme with six kill markings is the plane of James Cupp when with VMF-213 at Munda in September 1943.

Spirit of 76  was Major Robert Owens Jr's mount with VMF-215 at Munda in August 1943. Note the red surround insignia.

The lone Navy aircraft was with VF(N)-101 aboard the USS Enterprise in January 1944. Its night fighter mission required the lower demarcation line for the sea blue.

Finally, a VMF-213 plane based on Guadalcanal in 1943 and flown by George DeFabio.

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