Aeromaster 48-254: Carrier Based Corsairs 2

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Scott Van Aken

Here is another nice older sheet from Aeromaster. This one covers carrier based Corsairs with all of them being in the overall gloss sea blue scheme (easy to paint). What is actually a bit surprising are the number of F4U-4s on the sheet. One thinks that these saw little service during WWII, but they were active in the last months. Not surprisingly, these markings are all from June, July and August of 1944. It includes a nice selection of those still in the geometric air wing designators and the later letters.

First up is an F4U-4 from aboard the USS Antietam in July 1945. This one is from VF-89. The set includes additional aileron markings to fit the Minicraft -4 kit.

Next is a -1D from the USS Shangri-La in July 1945. This plne was with VFB-99.

With VFB-88 aboard the USS Yorktown in July 1945 is F4U-1D #41.

Another -4 is with the USS Lake Champlain in June of 1945.

TT was the tailcode used on this USS Bennington F4U-1D.

The last -4 on the sheet is one with the USS Intrepid in August 1945.

Finally, an F4U-1D with the RR code aboard the USS Yorktown in August/September 1945.

When this sheet was developed, it was recommended to use the Hobbycraft kit for the F4U-1D and either Hasegawa or Minicraft's F4U-4. Since then, HobbyBoss has done an F4U-4 and there is Tamiya's excellent F4U-1D. There are others and since most of these markings are not kit specific, you could easily use one of those.

February 2018

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