Aeromaster 48-251: Carrier Based Hellcats

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Scott Van Aken

Here is another nice older sheet from Aeromaster. This one covers carrier based late war Hellcats which, like the previous Corsair review, are all the easy to paint overall gloss sea blue.

At the time, the best kit around was the then-new tool Hasegawa Hellcat. However, those who have other Hellcat kits such as the Otaki, Monogram, or the newer Eduard kit could just as easily use those as these markings are mostly not kit specific. All of them are the later F6F-5 versions.

The initial offering is a plane of VOF-1 aboard the USS Tulagi in August 1944. This plane has a red forward cowling and operated in the Med.

Next is a VF-18 plane aboard the USS Intrepid in Octoer 1944. Note that it has a white fuel tank.

VF-29s offering from the USS Cabot in October 1944 is option 3.

With an intermediate blue replacement rudder is this VF-7 plane from the USS Hancock in November 1944. This plane has dirty white tail markings though white ones are also included.

From the USS Yorktown is this VF-3 plane from February 1945. Note that it has a willow green prop hub.

Option 6 is from VF-82 aboard the USS Bennington off Okinawa in March 1945.

The lone F6F-5N night fighter from VF(N)-90 aboard the USS Enterprise in March 1945. This one had 'greyed out' insignia.

Finally, a VF-46 Hellcat from the USS Cowpens in March of 1945.

So there you have it, eight nice sea blue late war Hellcats for the fan. February 2018

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