Aeromaster 48-241:  MiG-21s - Cold War Fishbeds

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

MiG-21s are popular subjects with many modelers and this is because they were/are flown by so many nations. This sheet has markings for five aircraft and all of them are MiG-21MFs. At this time, the only MiG-21 in 1/48 that fit this variant was the kit by OEZ. While a bit crude by today's standard, it built into a nice model with some work. Since then, we have had a variety of MiG-21s in 1/48 scale and most modelers will gravitate towards the Eduard kit. None of these kits have markings that would require a specific kit to be used so they should fit quite well on whatever you have available.

First up is a Soviet plane. This one participated in the 1968 Czech invasion and has the red and white tail markings applied to tactical planes participating in this event. These stripes will need to be painted on.

Next is a Czechoslovakian plane in unpainted metal the sports nose art, something that became a bit more widespread in the late 1980s.

The camouflaged plane on the sheet is this Afghan version. In the late 1980s I built an Afghan plane and used individual circles and stars to make the insignia; five layers thick!

Can't have a MiG sheet without one from North Vietnam and so we have this reported 'B-52 killer'.

Finally, a Polish Air Force plane. Note that at this time, most of their MiGs were painted an overall pale grey.

While many of these markings have been repeated on other sheets since, it is nice to have these in one place.

February 2018

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