Aeromaster 48-208: Fighting Camels

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

Though considered a rather tricky aircraft to fly thanks to a lot of torque from its engine, the Camel was an effective fighter and served well against the German types in the last year of the war. All of these aircraft are in the standard camouflage of the time with PC 10 khaki on the upper surfaces and unpainted linen for the underside. All have red forward cowlings and wheels.

The first three options are all the same plane at different times of its life. These were flown by Roy Brown who was initially given credit for shooting down the 'red baron'. As time has passed and more information has come to light, it now seems this was not the case and von Richtofen was actually shot down by Australian ground fire.

So here are the three iterations of the aircraft. The first is when it was initially delivered with no fueselage cockardes and no serial number. Next is the plane with those items added as taken from a painting made right after the fight. Finally another version. This has white backgrounds to the rudder serial and a red V on the upper fuselage. Your choice.

The last option is an American plane from the 41st Aero Squadron flown by Capt. Henry Clay. Unlike Brown's plane, the wooden panels around the fuselage have been painted khaki. It is difficult to tell if the unit badge is red or black so both options are provided.

May 2018

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