Aeromaster 48-173: Ju-88 Family part 2

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This sheet has markings for three different Ju-88 variants. At the time Dragon was all we had for decent kits of these planes in this scale and to some extent, that is still true.

First up is a Ju-88G-6b night fighter from I./NJG 101 in late 1944. It is in overall RLM 76 with RLM 74/75 squiggles over all the upper surfaces.

Next, a Ju-188F of 1.(F)/120. This one is in standard RLM 70/71/65 camouflage with white spirals on the spinner. Areas on the fuselage are overpainted in probably RLM 75 for the code letters.

FInally, another night fighter, this time a Ju-88C-6  from 8./NJG2 in 1943/44. This has mottles of RLM 75 over the upper surfaces of its RLM 76 base color.

The decal set does include swastikas, I just did not scan them. Note also that the upper fuselage DF loop is provided as a decal, which is a nice touch.

Worth seeking out if any of these schemes appeal to you.

February 2018

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