Aeromaster 48-140: Stuka Bombers part 1

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

One of the neat things about older sheets is not only do they often provide options not available even in newer sheets, but it is neat to see what was chosen for the designated kit. In this case it is the ancient (in plastic years) Monogrem Ju-87 which most of us of a certain age have built. Today we have the excellent Hasegawa offering and these markings should fit that kit with no issues.

There are four options on this sheet, all of them in the standard splinter scheme of RLM 70/71/65. These are all planes of other Axis partners and is often the case, they did not get new planes, but ones that had already had time on the airframe.

First is one from the Hungarian Air Force in 1943. Note that you'll need to paint the horizontal stab markings. It carries the usual eastern front markings as do most of the other options. This one has the wheel pants removed.

Next is a Slovakian Air Force plane. Unusual for a warplane is what looks like civilian registration numbers. . No yellow bits on this one from 1943.

The third option is from the Romanian Air Force. This plane does not have the siren mount. Unfortunately, the yellow on my sheet is badly off register so this option cannot be used without replalcement insignia.

Finally, a Bulgarian Air Force plane from 1943. It has a white fuselage band and this along with the runner will need to be painted. It also has the wheel pants removed.

This sheet comes with a goodly number of stencils and it has additional white squares for the Hungarian insignia Note also the addendum sheet for the Hungarian planes.  This sheet contains markings options for five Bf-109G-6 aircraft, and unless specifically mentioned, all are in RLM 74/75/76 with mottling in the upper surface colors.

December 2017

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