Aeromaster 48-115: Ploesti Raiders part 2

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This is the second of Aeromaster's sheets on the B-24Ds that participated in the Ploesti refinery raid of 1943. The two options are in the standard Olive Drab over Neutral Grey. Not all the planes for this mission were in sand and in these cases, the planes were transferred from the UK to North Africa specifically for this mission.

First up is 'Jerk's Natural' with the 93rd Bomb group. Note the darker surround to the insignia, the RAF fin flash and the medium green mottling on the fin and upper wing surfaces.

The other is 'Suzy Q' from the 44th BG. This one is marked in a fashion identical to the first option, though it does not have the darker blue ring around the fuselage insignia.

Sheet has full markings for both planes.

When it comes to kits, your only real option is the Monogram B-24D. This venerable kit is not difficult to find and gets reissued from time to time. As much as many would like to see a more modern tooling, that has not yet happened.

November 2017

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