Aeromaster 48-114: Ploesti Raiders part 1

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Scott Van Aken

An early war (early for the U.S.) bombing raid that drew a lot of press was the low level bombing mission of North African based B-24s against the oil refinery complex at Ploesti Romania. Despite the rather spectacular photos taken during the raid of burning oil tanks, the actual amount of damage done was not all that great and despite other raids during the war, it continued to stay in production.

This sheet is the first of several done by Aeromaster based on the aircraft that participated. They are all B-24Ds and painted in sand over neutral grey. Both of the subjects have de-icing boots on the flying surfaces. Still the only kit of this plane in 1/48 scale is the Monogram offering.

The top plane is 'Hail Columbia' of the 344th BS/98th BG. Typical of bombers flying out of North Africa it has a yellow surround to the insignia and carries a British fin flash.

The other is from the 376th BG and flown by its commanding officer. The name 'Teggie Ann' is on one side of the nose while 'Liberandos' is on the other. There are enough insignia for one aircraft. Yellow surrounds are separate. At this time, there were insignia on the top and bottom of both wings.

October 2017

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