Sheet #

ABT # 134 and 143 for Bf-109E/G




Rumanian and Hungarian AF

Review By:

Scott Van Aken



Max Abt produced one of the earlier lines of aftermarket decals and can be counted amongst the pioneers of this now burgeoning and sometimes lucrative market. Unlike today's multi-subject decal sheets, ABT decals generally carried but a single subject as it was felt the more would be a waste. Well, we now know that isn't necessarily true  and that most  buyers want a variety of markings on each decal sheet.

These particular sheet cover two Axis allies, both of them flying the Bf-109.

The first scheme is a Bf-109E of the Rumanian AF. The subtype isn't given, but I suspect it to be a Bf-109E-4 or E-7 as that was commonly exported.

The other subject is a Bf-109G-6 of the Hungarian AF. This scheme is a later war one when the colors of the Hungarian insignia had been toned down considerably.

If you have your screen set at the recommended resolution, the sheets you see are about 20% larger than life.

Decals courtesy of your editor's collection.

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