Expert's Choice 48-33: F-94B Starfire
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 68 & 319 FIS.

Even though the aircraft was heavily based on the T-33, the F-94 was the USAF's first fairly effective jet night fighter, replacing the prop driven P-61 and F-82. It was also the USAF's first afterburner equipped aircraft. At this time, these planes were still fairly reliant on ground control to get them close enough to the target for their radar sets to pick up the bogey and that target had to be above them as this was the era before 'look-down' airborne radar.

Sent to Korea in 1951 to handle the night fighting chores from F-82s the F-94 was somewhat successful in shooting down some aircraft, mostly the rather slow 'Bedcheck Charlie' aircraft. The F-94 did score the first night jet on jet combat.  Such was the progress of military aircraft at the time, that its squadron use was fairly short. With the advent of the F-86D in 1954/55, all regular USAF Starfires were foisted off to the ANG where some soldiered on until 1959 when the last was retired.

This nice sheet from Expert's Choice offers markings for two aircraft, both of them operating out of Korea during the war. The one that uses all the yellow bits is with the 68 FIS in late 1951/early 1952. The other, named 'Dark Eyes' has a yellow fin stripe and was operational in 1952.

Decals are nicely printed and these are designed for the Hobbycraft kit.

December 2018

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