ArmyCast decals 48011: L-39C Albatros
PRICE: 23.40 Euros delivered ($26.80 at today's exchange rate)16.98
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 19 options

You may recall last month I previewed a Trumpeter 1/48 L-39 Albatross trainer kit. Typical of what comes from China, there was a glitch in the decals that forgot to 'hand' the Czech roundels. This meant that I would need some aftermarket decals if I wanted to build this kit. So a web search ensued and I located a super sheet that has no fewer than 19 options that covers the 11 nations that operate or have operated the L-39. Though the sheet is just for the trainer version, it is easy enough to do this variant from the kit I previewed. Thing is, they were not inexpensive, but if you look at it, considering what you get, it is very much worth it.

Just to run things down as I'm not sure you can read all the nations shown you get markings for Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Russia, Slovakia, Soviet Union, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Yemen. The decals are presented in two different sheets which are duplicated for a total of four sheets. It is a logical way to do things like this as it gives you enough data markings for several planes. You can also see that you are provided with extra numbers as well. The decals themselves are superbly printed by BOA Agency of the Czech Republic. In addition, you are provided with a multiple page set of color and placement information that includes both upper and lower views of each one. There is a paint guide that provides generic, CSN, FSN, and Mr Color paint references. Though designed for the Trumpeter kit, I'm sure these would work find on the MPM/Special Hobby version which has recently been reboxed by Eduard.

February 2019

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