Silver City Models 1/25 Eagle F-5000 Conversion

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PRICE: $30.00 plus $4.00 shipping
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES:  Resin and cast metal.


Formula 5000 (or F5000) was an open wheel, single seater auto-racing formula that ran in different series in various regions around the world from 1968 to 1982. It was originally intended as a low-cost series aimed at open-wheel racing cars that no longer fit into any particular formula. The '5000' denomination comes from the maximum 5.0 litre engine capacity allowed in the cars, although many cars ran with smaller engines. Manufacturers included McLaren, Eagle, March, Lola, Lotus, Elfin, Matich and Chevron.

In its declining years in North America Formula 5000 was modified into a closed wheel, but still single-seat sports car racing category. This was touted as the revised Can-Am and this portion of the series was run from 1977 until 1986. F 5000 quite popular with separate series being run in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa as well as the US.

During the early years of the series, many F 5000 cars were adaptations of successful Indianapolis style cars, the Eagle being just one example.            



This conversion set is produced by Silver City Models and is basically a trans-kit to be used in conjunction with the less that great MPC Indy Eagle. The set includes both resin and cast metal parts.

The resin parts include the rear wing, wing supports, front winglets, engine block, transmission, and the firewall to which the engine attaches. The kit engine cannot be used mainly because it is an Indy Ford and the resin engine is a Traco Chevrolet.

There are more metal bits than resin and generally, the casting on these is superb. Like the resin, there is very little flash, though you will find some. There are four dual downdraft Weber carburetors with the velocity stacks molded in place. The four into one exhaust are also superbly done and are ready to paint and install. Other bits are the wing adjustment braces, oil tank, additional oil radiator, fire extinguisher and one piece I cannot identify. A roll bar assembly is also included.

The set does not come with decals, but you can get get them from Indycals for several cars for about $7 plus shipping. You also do not get assembly instructions. Instead, a copy of a page out of the July 1969 Road and Track, which has drawings of the car from various angles. Probably enough for a die-hard open wheel car fan, but I'd like something a bit more useful to the part time car modeler. Perhaps going back and forth between the kit instructions and the enclosed drawings will be sufficient. The set is for the 1969 car. Those wanting to model a 1970 car will probably need to add side plates to the rear and front wings.


No one said that transkits were going to be easy to use. This conversion is a must for those who want to model an F-5000 car and frankly, we are fortunate to have an injected kit to use as a basis. The superb molding and reasonable price of this one is such that those into the genre will want to consider picking one up.

August 2016


Thanks to me for picking this one up.

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