Hawkeye Designs # 303, 1/48 Conversion for Bf-109T  

MSRP: $11.95

Hitler wanted an aircraft carrier.  Construction of that ship, the Graf Zepplin was started, stopped, restarted and stopped again throughout its turbulent existence.  The air wing for the carrier would have been made of Fi-167 torpedo planes, Ju-87T dive bombers, and Bf-109T fighters. 

In order to make the Bf-109E carrier capable, a few modifications were done to it.  First the appropriate catapult and arresting gear were attached to the airframe.  Then to slow landing speeds, the wingspan was increased.  Over 60 Bf-109T's were built for the ship that never sailed.  As it became pretty obvious that the Graf Zepplin would never be completed, the 109T's had their shipboard apparatus removed and were sent to Norway.  The long wingspan made it perfect for a high altitude fighter and a number were used in that category.  They were finally used as Reich Defense fighters on the islands of Heligoland Bight.

The conversion set gives you all you need to convert the Hasegawa 1/48 Bf-109T.  You get longer wing tips, flaps, and slats.  The catapult and arresting gear is also included.  You have two different tail hooks to choose from. In addition, a new carb intake for the high altitude modified aircraft is included. The best reference for this aircraft is Sea Eagles,  a history of the 109T, by Francis Mason.

Looks like a winner and a conversion review using this set is in works for Modeling Madness.