Dangerboy Hobbies 1/48 TBM wingfold set


Accurate Miniatures 1/48 TBM Avenger




Scott Van Aken



If you recall, I was rather pleased with the previous release from Dangerboy Hobbies. The F6F wingfold set  is really a super way of performing this modification as it is sturdy and easy to do. I have tried other sets and those are not only fiddly, but also not very strong.  The resulting F6F-5 model has always brought comments where ever it has been shown.

This new set is just as beautifully done as the previous set. In fact, it is even better. The Hellcat set had some resin clumps in a few corners, but this one is nearly devoid of any glitches like that as you can see from the closeup on the right. I did spot an air bubble or two, but they are quite small and easy to fill. Like the Hellcat set, this one replaces kit parts, but a bit more prep is needed with this one to ensure a good fit. 

The wing on this one slots into place in the wing root just like the Hellcat set did. A benefit is that this wing is lighter than the previous set so doesn't require such a hefty mount. 

Like on Monogram kits, the designer has etched his initials in the large clear areas on the front of the short wing root stubs, however, I have been assured by him that this will not be visible once the kit is built.  I guess this is to prevent copying.

When you do your folded wing Avenger, you need to look at a bunch of photographs of the aircraft in such a condition. There is a small hatch on each wing tip that opens to provide an attachment point for a brace to be placed between it and the fuselage when the aircraft was stored. Of course, this would have been removed as part of the pre-launch check. This bar was painted red. 

Overall, this is another winner from Dangerboy Hobbies. Apparently he sold out of every one that was taken to the Nationals this year and I can see why. I very much look forward to using this on an upcoming Avenger. Stay tuned for the article!

Review copy brought to you courtesy of Dangerboy Hobbies  

Nov 2004 update: Please note that Dangerboy is now out of business and their materials are no longer available.

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