Cutting Edge 1/32 X-1E Conversion set






Revell 1/32 X-1


Scott Van Aken

This set allows one to convert the Revell X-1 into the later X-1E. All of the components that make up the X-1E are provided in resin. That includes the new wings, ventral fins, wing roots, and the new canopy parts to replace those on the Revell 1/32 X-1 kit. The canopy itself is molded in clear resin to provide a combination hood and windscreen. The set can be done with the canopy unattached to show interior detail.

Instructions provide all the necessary photos to help the modeler cut away the parts not needed on the X-1 kit. This does require surgery so if you aren't confident of your ability to hack up a kit, you will need to take it slowly. No decals are provided with the kit, but you can get a dedicated X-1E sheet from Cutting Edge in sheet #32-041. It looks like a pretty straight-forward conversion and will make for an interesting display. This aircraft still exists as a gate guard outside NASA Dryden at Edwards AFB in California.

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