3D-Kits Hurricane Mk.IId Conversion

KIT #: 72-C003
PRICE: 5.95 visit www.3d-kits.co.uk
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Injected plastic and decals

For 3D-Kits' Third conversion set, we have another rather simple kit. This one is for the Hurricane and is basically a pair of Vikers 40mm cannon. The IID was a precursor to the Mk.IV and this set is designed to fit any 1/72 Hurricane IIc kit that is out there. Some modification is required in that the extant 20mm cannon need to be removed, and several panel lines removed. You also need to add in a .303 gun port.

The kit is basically two identical sprues, each with a cannon and housing. The modeler will need to open the shell ejector chute as these guns were handed. The injection molded plastic is very well done and thanks to the excellent instructions, it will be a pretty straight-forward conversion.

As with other 3D-Kits, this one comes with decals. Only the unique markings are included and since Hurricane IIds were rather bland, there is not much more than serials and perhaps an aircraft number. Two are in desert camouflage with carb filter and assigned to 6 Squadron in North Africa during 1943, while the other is in standard temperate scheme assigned to the 1st Specialized Low Attack Instructor's School in 1943. 

In all, it is an outstanding set and reasonably priced as well. No resin so that will make a lot of people happy! Highly recommended and any Hurrican fan simply has to have it.

September 2011

My thanks to www.3d-kits.co.uk  for providing the review sample. Get yours direct or from Roll Models in the US.

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