3D-Kits Spitfire Mk.II LR Conversion Kit

KIT #: 72-C002
PRICE: 4.75 visit www.3d-kits.co.uk
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Injected plastic and decals

This For 3D-Kits' second conversion set, there is this remarkably simple long range fuel tank. This item was designed to extend the very short range of the Spitfire and fit under one wing; the left one. One can imagine that this must have had some effect on the trim of the aircraft and did cause some loss in speed. However, these aircraft were supposed to provide fighter escort for British bomber raids. How it worked in combat makes one wonder as it obviously was not designed to be jettisoned.

However, about 100 Mk.II Spitfires were adapted to carry this tank and served with three front line units. The part is beautifully molded in styrene and one simply glues the halves together and attaches it. The Airfix and Tamiya Spitfire Is are the kits for which this is designed and one will have to modify the tank slightly for the Tamiya kit as it has a thicker wing leading edge.

The set comes with unique decals for an aircraft with 152 Squadron and with 66 Squadron in mid-1941. The instructions include modeler's notes regarding the fit of these two aircraft and where to install the tank. 

In all, it is an outstanding set and reasonably priced as well. No resin so that will make a lot of people happy! Highly recommended and any Spit boffin simply has to have it.

September 2011

My thanks to www.3d-kits.co.uk  for providing the review sample. Get yours direct or from Roll Models in the US.

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