Minicraft 1/48 Piper Super Cub




$11.00 MSRP


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Scott Van Aken


Includes display stand


The light planes of Piper and others are what put much of the world into the air. Light, but rugged construction and a reliable air cooled engine ensured that the aircraft would be easy to maintain and equally easy to fly. The Super Cub was originally designed for crop dusting and was the final development of the original Taylorcraft Cub of 1934. First introduced in 1949, the Super Cub was also used as a light observation and liaison aircraft by the US Army as the L-18 and L-21. Countless other militaries used the aircraft as their introduction to flying as well as other roles such as target tugs and glider towing.

Thanks to its more powerful engine and larger size, the Super Cub has a range of 500 miles, a top speed of 130 mph and can operate in areas up to 19,000 feet. It has been used for decades as a bush aircraft and operates with equal aplomb from floats and skis as it does wheels. Hundreds are still in use world-wide.


This kit seems to be identical to the one produced by Bandai many decades ago. In fact, except for the Aero Subaru, it seems as if Minicraft has released the entire series of Bandai light aircraft, something that is much appreciated by those who like to model civil aircraft. Unfortunately, light aircraft are not done very often as they just don't seem to have the coolness factor of military planes. It is too bad as I'm often receiving e-mails on where to get various light aircraft models.

Like the Bandai kit of old, this one is in white plastic with very good surface detailing. As the aircraft is so open, a relatively complete interior is also provided. These aircraft are quite basic so the interior follows suite. They also have some rather prominent internal framing, and that is included with the kit. Since much of the upper portion of the plane is clear, the kit also provides extensive greenhouse material. It is well designed and holds up quite well.

A nice addition is a full engine that can be displayed via various open panels in the cowling. I have to confess to you that when I built my Super Cub, I was unable to get all the engine bits and the cowling to properly fit so I ended up using just bare block  (to hold the prop) and filling in the cowling doors. I also found the tail wheel to be delicate and it was soon broken off. Below is a photo of that kit shortly after it was completed as a Belgian AF glider tug.

The kit instructions are well done and seem to be quite similar to those provided by Bandai. In this case, the decals are the main difference as they provide markings for one US registered aircraft. Colors are overall white with red wing and tail plane tips. The side markings and anti-glare panel are provided as decals.


Overall this is a very nice kit and can be built into a really nice model with just a bit of care in construction. It is a pity that there are not more light aircraft available, but this is one of the nicer ones.

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