KIT: Miku Model 1/72 Zlin 526A
KIT #: 72078
PRICE: Approx $15 from
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin with vacuformed canopy


Zlin aircraft have been producing trainers, aerobatic aircraft and standard civil aviation light aircraft since 1934. Their aerobatic models have won several of the world aerobatic championships in the 1950s and 1960s with light and easy to fly aircraft, mostly powered by in-line six cylinder air-cooled engines based on the German Argus engines of WWII, but evolved with more modern accessories.  The series 526 was one of the more popular types and was exported to a number of countries for use by enthusiasts in the late 1960s and early 1970s.


Opening the small and somewhat plain box with a nice side view of the aircraft on it, you will find a small ziplock bag with the various resin parts in it. Most are molded so that there will be little resin to remove in order to free the parts from the pour stubs. In fact, I'd say a sharp hobby knife will work for most of the parts. Others can be sanded free and those in the wafers will be easily removed with the knife.

The parts are nicely molded in a tan resin, and while I did find a few glitches (slightly short shot aft cockpit floor, some minor pitting and a piece of crud or two on the surface), the overall molding is very well done. It is quite obvious that Miku Model has several similar Zlin kits as there is a second seat included with this one for the later two seat trainer version. The only real options are whether or not to install the wingtip  fuel tanks and a choice of propellers depending on if you choose the British registered or German registered aircraft. The modeler will have to add a couple of sections of stretched sprue for the landing gear as well. The single transparency (why can't these folks supply two?) is well done, though a tad cloudy.

Instructions consist of a folded sheet of paper that has a parts layout, eight well drawn construction steps, and a painting and decal guide. The British aircraft is from the 1970 Aerobatics Championship and sports a blue cheat line and 'rays' on the upper wings and tail planes. It also appears that the lower fuselage and wings (and perhaps tail planes) are painted red. The red parts will have to be painted on. The German aircraft is from the 1968 Championship and has an all blue lower fuselage and wing. Not sure if the lower tail planes are also blue as the drawing doesn't show. It looks as if a cheat line decal is provided for this one as well, but it isn't noted on the instructions. Both have black anti-glare panels. In with the sealed decals are acetate instrument panels for several aircraft versions. The decals appear to be well printed and are in register.


There are a lot of modelers out there who delight in doing aerobatic aircraft or civil aviation and this kit will cater to both. It should be a most interesting addition to anyone's collection.

August 2006

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