Airfix 1/72 BN Islander




$1.49 (30 years ago)


One aircraft


Scott Van Aken




Allow me to quote from the Airfix instruction sheet as I have darn little info on this aircraft. "Produced to meet the specific needs of commuter airlines and bush operators, the ten seat BN.2 Islander has achieved sales of over 300 aircraft by mid 1971. First flying on June 12, 1965 the Islander was initially financed completely by the company as a private venture, but following overtures to the government, a loan was granted in November to get full production underway. Rumania is also producing the type under license with components provided by the parent company.

This model is supplied with optional executive or air taxi interiors with transfers (decals) for two aircraft of Aurigny air Services. Powered by two 260 hp Lycoming engines, the islander requires 1,090 feet to clear a 50 obstacle. Max speed 170 mph and range is 768 miles."


Upon opening the box, one can certainly tell it is an Airfix kit. First off, it is in a lovely shade of yellow(!) plastic. Undoubtedly to alleviate the need to do any wasteful painting. Most detailing is of the raised variety with rivets. All the doors are separate so you can show off the interior. There are three different seating variations available: passenger, cargo or executive.

The detailing is rather well done for the time. There is some flash on the parts but I saw no injector pin marks in any embarrassing locations. Nor did I find any sink marks, even on the rather thick plastic that makes up the wing tips.

The instruction sheet is typical of the times. Four construction and one exterior paint/decal steps. Colors are generic and those items to be painted are called out in each of the construction steps. The decal sheet offers markings for two aircraft of the Aurigny Air Services, which flies to Gurnsey and the Channel Islands from Southampton. As you can imagine, the decals have yellowed over the years, but some sun treatment should cure that.

Because of the rather unusual subject, this kit has seen very little in the was of reissuing. As a result, it has become quite a collector's item and garners a bit more than its original purchase price; at least it does here in July of 2000.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!

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