Toko 1/72 AN-74 Polar






Two versions: Aeroflot and Ukrainian


Scott Van Aken





The An-74 is a development of the An-72 and is in many ways quite similar. The aircraft has two high bypass turbofans fitted along the leading edge of the wing. It is designed in a similar mode to the Boeing YC-14 of the mid 1970s. Whereas the Boeing aircraft is in the boneyard, the An-74 is in daily use. This arrangement allows engine exhaust to add to the lift of the wing and give the aircraft very good short field performance. The An-74 is very useful in rough terrain where its ability to get in and out of short fields allows it to operate where few other jet transports could go.


Toko is a name I have heard good things about so it was with much positive anticipation that I opened the box on this kit. What I discovered was a very full box with eight sprues, two decal sheets and a nice set of instructions. Most of the sprues are light grey, however there is one of a silver color, one of black and one clear. 

The parts are all well detailed, though the panel lines are of the raised variety instead of engraved as we have come to expect in recent years. The kit is quite complete offering a full interior and cargo section, separate ailerons and elevators, the ability to have the rear ramp in the up or down position, an openable nose radome, the option of having the engine covers on or off and, in this version, the option of having skis or wheeled landing gear.

The instruction sheet is in the standard pictorial format and has the usual color callout in generic colors. What sets this apart is that each of the construction steps is done in autocad instead of the usual drawings. This is the first time I have seen instructions done in this manner and I am positively impressed. 

The decal sheet is also very well done and appears to be very thin. It will remain to be seen how well these go on. You are given three options. Two Aeroflot schemes; one in red and the other in blue and another for a tactical transport of the Ukranian Air Force.

Despite the raised panel lines (and many do not think that those are a step backwards), it is a very impressive kit that will undoubtedly make into a fine representation of an unusual Russian transport aircraft.   

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