Hasegawa 1/200 Boeing 777-200






Two JAL aircraft


Scott Van Aken


'Star Jet Part 2'


The latest all-new jet from Boeing is the 777 (the 717 doesn't count as it is really just a DC-9/MD-80). This is a twin jet aircraft similar to the 757/767, however it  is nearly the size of a 747 and incorporates a lot of advanced technology such as digital fly-by wire, a first for Boeing. Much of the cockpit is similar to that of a 747 including the latest in color LCD displays. As noted in the instructions, this aircraft was developed with much input from the buyers of the aircraft and part of the deal was that portions of the aircraft be built by those countries initially buying the aircraft. 20% of the components of the 777 being built in Japan.

JAL's 777 are powered by Pratt & Whitney PW 4000's each giving 34-38,000 kg of thrust. Other engine options are Rolls Royce Trent 800s or General Electric GE 90s, all operating in the same thrust regimen. Expect to see many more of these aircraft in the skies as time continues. 



If you have built any of the Hasegawa 1/200 Airliners, this one will not be a surprise to you. Much of this kit is quite similar to those older models. However, this is an entirely new mold. The only carryover from the older kits is the flight display stand. All of the moldings are engraved and very well done. There is the typical weight to place in the nose so that this isn't a tail sitter.  Most of the moldings are in grey plastic and those four sprues and the stand are in one bag, so scratching of the plastic is again a problem. 

The two fuselage halves are bagged separately and are in white plastic, undoubtedly to assist with painting. The cabin windows are molded into the fuselage, even though the windows are included on the decal sheet. There is a single cockpit transparency as well as a decal to go over it should you desire. Frankly, I would prefer for there to be no windows in the fuselage section as most airliner modelers will only fill them in and place decals over them. However, I can also see that Hasegawa wants to reach a larger market and that most children who buy this kit will not fuss with the window decals. 

The decal sheet itself is quite comprehensive. As mentioned you do get window decals as well as all the necessary decals to do two of the Star Jets; Betelgeuse and Altair. There are also extra numbers to do other 777s in the fleet, though without the special star decals, what's the purpose. All JAL 777s are named after stars.  The paint scheme for the JAL 777 is basically a white fuselage with everything else various greys.

The instruction sheet is also typical of Hasegawa a very well done. Color callouts are from the Gunze range. The instructions suggest decaling the fuselage and then adding the wings. I see no problem with that as these kits usually fit very well. Building the kit wheels up may require a bit of work as the main gear doors are one piece and will not fully cover the wheel wells. The nose gear door, unlike other releases, are molded separately so no extra cutting will be needed for an in-flight model.

Overall it looks like another winner. Not sure of availability of aftermarket sheets, but would be surprised if none were on the market.

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