Hasegawa 1/200 Boeing 767-300




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'Marine Jumbo Jr' boxing


One of the first twin engine jet airliners to be certified for trans-oceanic travel, the Boeing 767 has been a popular seller for medium to long range routes, depending on the dash number. The Marine Jumbo is/was a specially painted 747-400 that was extremely popular on Japan's ANA long range routes. So popular was it, that a shorter range -300 was painted in a similar manner for use in shorter range routes. The special paint scheme depicts a whale with several smaller fish swimming along side.


Hasegawa's series of 1/200 airliners is very popular in Japan, where space of all kinds is at a premium, therefore smaller airliner kits for smaller display shelves! Hasegawa 1/200 airliners such as this one all follow a similar layout. The panel lines are, in this case, raised with the cabin windows open and a transparency only provided for the cockpit windows. A nose weight is provided so that there is no problem with tail sitting. For those who want to display the plane on a stand, one is provided as is a fitting for the underside of the fuselage in which to mount the stand.

What is not provided is a method for displaying the model with the gear raised. For that, the modeler will have to do some creative cutting and filling. Getting the seam out of the inside of the engine cowling will probably be the biggest building challenge. To my knowledge, there are no aftermarket resin engines for these kits. Sounds like an area for some enterprising resin maker to fill a niche!

Instructions are excellent and since there are really so few parts, building should be a breeze. The very colorful decal sheet is well printed and provides all the markings needed to make the airliner. As with most Hasegawa sheets, they are a bit thick and the white is actually ivory in color. Hasegawa even molded the fuselage in blue so you wouldn't have to paint it! Those not wanting to do the boxed livery have a number of aftermarket sheets available.


These small scale airliners are really very nice kits and make into super models. Here is a link to a 767-200 that I built several years ago.

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