KIT: Testors/Hawk 1/32 Turbo-Go
KIT #: 863004
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


Well, there just isn't any for this kind of a kit. It is one of those things that Hawk did to make money and I'll explain more in the section below.


Initially released in the 1960s by Hawk, Testors has chosen to reissue four of these cars. These are about as basic a kit as you will ever find. There is a common body and wheels and canopy. You'll notice that the center section is separate and this is where the variation of designs comes into play. By substituting different center pieces, you can have a number of different designs, while keeping the same basic car. It is probably one of the earliest cases of having the same base kit and then providing for variants. Hawk was ahead of its time.

This kit was also designed to 'do stuff'. In this case, it was to be rubber band powered so you could send it scooting along along the carpet on its hollow plastic wheels. All the bits seem to be there to duplicate this, but sadly, Testors has chosen not to include that information in the instructions. I should also point out that there is  no driver and no cockpit.  Instructions consist of 8 photographs showing the various construction steps. No color info is given so the modeler is free to allow imagination to take over and come up with whatever is wanted.


Most of you will not be buying this kit. It is too simple, isn't of a real thing, and it is a car. However, if you have children, this would be an excellent first glue kit. There isn't much to glue, the child will have to learn patience while the glue dries, and then there will be a toy for him/her to play with when done. I'm sure that mom or dad will help. These must have done well as the shop I bought mine in had them one week and they were gone the next.

Kit courtesy of me, as I built several of these when a kid. They were fun then and they are probably fun now.

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