Monogram 1/24 Rommel's Rod

KIT #: 85-4260
PRICE: $22.95 SRP
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: New Mold Kit



During the 1960s and into the 1970s, custom cars were very much the rage. Not only would you see these vehicles at auto shows, but often times, they would be attractions on various television shows. We all know of the Batmobile designed by George Barris on the remnants of the Lincoln Futura show car. Also high on our list would be the Munster Coach and Dragula, designed by Tom Daniels out of the Barris studios for the Munsters television show.

Daniels was an industrial designer by trade and wound up being one of the most prolific custom model car makers around with over 75 different kits to his credit. Revell-Monogram has been slowly reissuing many of his works over the years. One that loudly demanded by modelers was Rommel's Rod. The original boxings were getting to be astronomical in price since the original molds had long ago disappeared. R-M took the nearly unprecedented step to do a completely new tool and that is why you see 2009 emblazoned on the underside of the body. The new tool is remarkably faithful to the old aside from more crisp detail and the shovel on the door not being molded in place. Even the decal sheet is as it was with the swastika emblazoned on the Afrika Korps symbol.

Molded in desert tan, just like the original, the kit is, as one would expect, free from flash, sink marks and a lot of ejector pin marks. One of the major benefits of a new tool kit. The kit itself is not parts intensive, and if one leaves out the two skeletons, is going to be a pretty simple build for most of us. It has one piece tracks and road wheels with the front tires being vinyl. There is a complete in-line eight cylinder engine, but again, detailing isn't intensive in this regard. The chrome is quite well done, though if this were based on reality, it probably wouldn't have any at all.

Instructions look very much like those we would have had 40 years ago. Nicely done drawings and step by step building instructions with a little check box next to each one so we can mark off what has been done.  No FS 595 colors, just generic color information telling one to check the box art for additional information. The decal sheet looks to be quite usable and is also thicker than what most of us are used to.

I know that this kit has been selling quite well. The LHS received a large consignment of these and has sold most of them, including one to me, who never built these sorts of cars when he was younger as he thought they were silly. Perhaps they were and still are, but they are very much different.

September 2009

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