Revell 1/24 Jaguar XK-120

KIT: Revell 1/24 Jaguar XK-120
KIT #: 07397
PRICE: $22.00 MSRP
DECALS: Two Options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Reboxed Monogram Kit


This one was a real surprise to me (as much because I don't keep up), and when I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. Besides, it was reasonably priced. A look at the bits turned up a 1979 Monogram molding imprint, adding even more surprise. I had no idea that this was an old Monogram mold as it looks as if it had been done quite recently. A closer look at the parts showed a tad bit of flash and a somewhat 'soft' imprint that we would not expect from a new kit. Like their aircraft kits, a ©MMI 1979 is proudly embossed right where everyone can see it if the turn the model upside down.

The one-piece main body is molded in silver with the rest of the bits in a greenish grey plastic that reminds me of many old Revell aircraft kits. There is a large mold line down the side of the body that will have to be removed, but it looks pretty basic. Chrome pieces are very well done, but most modelers will de-chrome it anyway as removing the sprue attachment nubs will eat into visible chrome areas on the headlights and windscreen frame. The clear parts are a bit thick and provide front windows. The side curtains are also molded clear as is a back window for the convertible top. Two small half-moon racing windscreens are also provided.

Other details include a complete but somewhat basic engine, separate chassis components and exhaust as well as the option to have the car right or left hand drive. In this regard there are a number of holes to be drilled and component placement that is different regarding the steering and foot pedals.  Vinyl or rubber tires are part of the kit as well. Oh yes, the hood opens to show off the engine.

Instructions are typical Revell AG with well done construction drawings and detail information as needed. The only decal options are license plates and the small, well printed sheet also includes instrument faces. As for colors, well, there is no exterior painting diagram at all. The box art shows a Silver one with red leather interior, though you could paint things any way you wish. I'd keep the colors subdued if doing a period car as a bright red or yellow Jag just wasn't done. A web search will turn up a number of options should you so be inclined.


Though not a new mold, the kit is, nonetheless, most welcome to those of us who like older sports cars and especially ones as cool as the Jaguar.


August 2008.

I saw it and thought you'd appreciate my sharing with you so bought it.

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