Platz/Nunu 1/24 BMW M6 GT3

KIT #: PN 24001
PRICE: Around 4000 yen
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: New tool




Around the start of 2015, BMW Motorsport began developing a replacement for the successful BMW Z4 GT3 which already had been in action since 2010, where they selected the M6 as the base model. Throughout the year, the factory engineered the M6 to match FIA GT3 specifications. Emphasis was placed on safety with BMW Motorsport producing an "FIA-approved safety cell in accordance with the very latest safety standards". Unlike the Z4 GT3, which used an engine derived from the BMW M3, the engine of the M6 GT3 was virtually unchanged from that of the production model of the M6 (and the BMW M5). The engine only faced some modifications for use in motorsport. In May 2015, at Dingolfing, BMW works driver Jörg Müller drove the M6 GT3 on its first roll-out to contribute a milestone to its development, and later the M6 GT3 was revealed near the end of the year.

The M6 GT3 showed its success on its debut year in 2016 when Rowe Racing clinched overall victory at the 2016 Spa 24 Hours with BMW works drivers Philipp Eng, Maxime Martin, and Alexander Sims at the wheel. The car also celebrated success in championships around the world, with wins in the VLN, Italian GT Championship, and Super GT Championship.


Platz has been working together with a number of different companies to produce some very welcome kits. To my knowedge, this is the first time they have worked with NuNu Hobby. The result is a new tool kit of this current GT3 racer from BMW.

Much of the kit is molded in white plastic, two major sprues are in grey with a chrome sprue and the wheels in a very dark grey. The kit comes with rubber tires, a set of polycaps and a section of plastic mesh for the grilles.

As you can see, this is a curbside with no engine detailing. The wheels are all able to roll and the front wheels can be turned. The kit comes with separate front fender wells and one has realistic brakes as these will show through the wheels when done. A front radiator with all its ducting is also included.

Much of the 'busy work' will be devoted to the interior with its substantial roll cage. A proper racing seat is provided along with the usual mass of 'stuff' that is inside modern racing cars. Most of the chrome pieces are dedicated to the grille and lights. The tail light pieces are chromed so all you have to do is paint on a clear red. Front and rear bumper areas are separate as well. The mesh is used for the lower intakes and a template is provided. I really like that all the 'glass' can be installed from the outside. This seriously assists in painting.

Instructions are superbly done with the usual Gunze and Model Master painting references. Markings are for two nearly identical cars that differ only by number and a few other decals. As is becoming the norm with racing car kits, the fancy paint work is provided as a decal. Basically, you paint the body and interior white and go from there. The chassis and lower body pan are in basic black. Wheels and some suspension parts are a metallic black so no need to be concerned about painting them aluminum or other shade. The decals look to be superb and it is nice that they included a seat harness decal. For those interested. NuNu Hobby has done an upgrade set that includes photo etch parts, cloth belts, metal valve stems and radio antenna mount, and carbon fiber decals.


GT3 car racing is one of the more popular classes in sports car racing around the world. The class has a huge following outside the US as these are all pretty close to production specs and if you have the funds, you can buy a road version. This is a superb looking kit that looks to be very well engineered. While some may bemoan a lack of window masks, the way the kit is done, they are not needed. This kit should be available at all the usual places soon.


October 2017

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Thanks to Platz Hobby for the preview kit. See more at this link

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