Monogram 1/24 Tom Daniel's Fast Buck

KIT #: 7533
PRICE: $14.95 when last released
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Originally released in 1971. 1995 boxing


This is taken from the instructions and is clearly written in the style of the time.

"Now it can be told... the most diabolical plot to foil hujackers and the internal revenue -- Fast Buck, a machine that's absolutely impenetrable (and robber proof too). It's like a rollin' "Fort Knox" ... actually more like a screaming Fort Knox 'cause Fast Buck really hauls the bread. At stoplights when the green comes on ... it's gone!

This mobile bank has all the detail you'd expect from a Tom Daniel designed, Monogram Kit. Low and wide, Fast Buck is raked to street perfection. Clear hood scoop shows top end of the big bad engine. Driver compartment has full seat, wheel, shifter and dash detail.

Roof has a periscope and top turret revolved. Turret also has "deposit" slot for use as a real penny bank. Rear door to "vault" opens for "withdrawls" and has an operating combination lock. Five spoke star mags shine on bid wide "super-fast" slicks. It is a great new kit ... you can bank on it."

Now that the intro has you roused, the kit is molded in blue with a very nicely done chrome sprue. A clear sprue for windows, lights and the hood cover is provided as are rubber tires. The slicks are two piece with an inside rubber insert. Both front and rear tires are trapped between inner and outer wheel halves.

The engine is actually rather well detailed with the engine block in two halves and including the transmission. There are separate heads and valve covers along with a plenum intake topped with four sets of dual Weber carbs. The exhaust headers are also well done with each four pipes meeting into a bundle.

THe chassis has a full rear axle with coil springs and the same goes for the drop axle at the front. There are ladder bars holding the rear axle solid and small wheels are at the very back attached to the rear step to prevent overly large wheelies.

Not much of an interior, consisting of a rear wall, bench seat instrument panel and steering wheel. There really is a combination lock for the rear hatch, though not terribly complex. The upper gun turret does have a slot in it for you to put in your coins if you so wish. Also on top of the vehicle is a periscope and a rear wing. Four stack exhaust peer out from each side to complete the look.

Instructions are right out of 1971 and not changed a bit. The colors are generic and listed in the painting guide as to what bits get painted what color. The small decal sheet in my sampled has yellowed over the last 20 years, though it should still prove viable as the old Monogram decals may have been thick and shiny, but would often stay useable over the years.

This would make a nice nostalgia build for those who want something relatively easy to build and a bit different from what they usually do. Not a lot of fiddly bits in kits like this and while you will have to deal with some unwanted ejector marks and probably have to strip and redo much of the chrome so that you can eliminate the seams, it will turn into a rather interesting addition to your shelves.


Kit instructions

February 2015

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