Monogram 1/24 Tom Daniel's Bad Medicine

KIT #: 4937
PRICE: $22.99 SRP8
DECALS: one option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 2012 reissue


From the kit instructions:

"Only that ol' witch doctor, Tom Daniel could brew up a concoction like thins. Imagine a prescription delivery to your door at over 200 mph. This sanitary speedster with the long, low dragster look is pepped-up by eye-catching goodies. The dragster is poison for anyone who wants to take the challenge. Brewed up by the team of Tom Daniel and the model makers at Monogram Models, the Bad Medicine is a unique and sensational looking machine. The driver is the grim reaper himself and fitted into his coffin style cab. He plans to put his foot down and power up the blower dragster motor. He'll make quick work of the competition. Tom would be pleased."

This kit was initially issued in 1970 and this is the first reissue.


One thing I have noticed about many of these sorts of kits is that they are somewhat light on detail, at least compared to what we expect from a kit today. There are only three sprues of plastic, one a dark red, one white, and the other chrome. There is a separate body with a bit of flash on it as well as two rubber drag slicks and two rubber front tires.

There are the usual ejector pin marks, and the builder will be destroying some of the chrome in filling seams and removing molding lines. The body in particular has quite a few of these seams, but one will be sanding it prior to construction anyway.

The instructions have five steps, all of which have large drawings. The first step will consist of building up the seventeen part engine. The kit's interior is one piece, basically the seat for the three piece grim reaper. All the wheels are two piece and trap the tire. Unlike the initial issue, there is no plastic wrinkle-wall drag slick, even though this two piece tire is shown in the instructions.

The front suspension is complete with a pair of drag links, a steering shaft  and a lower steering bar. The front wheels can not be steered. Rear suspension has a wheelie bar, a one piece rear end section with separate gear cover plate and a pair of large drag bumpers. A parachute as well as various bone bits are provided for the front and rear of the car. A small, well printed decal sheet is included.

If you are looking for something a bit different from the norm and don't mind a nostalgia trip back to your youth (well, at least for some of us), then this would be a good choice. There are not a ton of parts, and depending on how much time you spend dealing with the issues of chrome parts, could be done in a pretty short amount of time.

February 2015

Thanks to me for picking this one up.

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