Monogram 1/24 Steve Kinser Sprint Car

KIT #: 2753
PRICE: $18.00 when it was new.
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Currently out of production. 1987 boxing


Sprint cars are high-powered race cars designed primarily for the purpose of running on short oval or circular dirt or paved tracks. Sprint car racing is popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Sprint cars have a high power-to-weight ratio, making speeds in excess of 140 miles per hour (230 km/h) possible on some tracks. 630 horsepower (470 kW) is commonplace for these machines. The safety record of sprint car racing in recent years has been greatly improved by the use of roll cages to protect the drivers. Many IndyCar Series and NASCAR drivers used sprint car racing as an intermediate stepping stone on their way to more high profile divisions, including Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart, J. J. Yeley, P. J. Chesson, Sarah Fisher, and Ed Carpenter.

The National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum located in Knoxville, Iowa, USA features exhibits to highlight the history of both winged and non-wing sprint cars.


Twenty years ago, when these kits were new, Monogram did very well with them, producing over a dozen different liveries, all pretty much based on the same 'Gambler' chassis. Just about all of them are sought by aficionados of sprint cars and those who want a fairly easy, nice looking and interesting car.

Monogram has always had nicely engineered kits and this one is no real exception. The highlight to me is that the two main chassis frames are already made in a single molding, so no need to worry about alignment. Of course, that doesn't mean that we don't have to spend time sanding away at mold seams on them, but it takes away one more problem. The kit had several large chrome sprues, and these are mostly for the wings and supports. In reality, these wings were aluminum and not chrome, so most of us will strip the chrome and paint them aluminum. The up side is that we can treat the sprue attachment nubs and mold seams while doing this.

The car comes with a complete suspension and very nicely done vinyl tires. Typical of the genre, the two rear tires are different widths, with the outside one being wider for better grip. The circumferential tread on the front is also well duplicated as this helps the car steer through the dirt. When running on paved tracks, the tire treads would be different. Monogram has also put effort into molding the engine and it is quite well done, though it will, for the most part, be hidden under the front body panel. The kit includes a driver, though mine, being bought 'used' was missing this rather important feature. That is the blank area on the sprues. I say important as all the belts are molded on the driver figure and so the builder will have to hit the aftermarket folks for replacements.

Instructions are typical of Monogram of the time with well drawn construction steps and generic color references. I like it that Monogram actually names the parts, something rarely done anymore. The decals are also from 20 plus years back and are the rather thick ones that look sort of 'plasticy'. I'm not sure how viable they really are, and I'm thinking that aftermarket may be available if one doesn't want to try to make their own. Having said all that, there have been times I've used these old decals and they have come through OK, though they don't like setting solutions. The markings are for Steve Kinser's car as he ran in the World Of Outlaws during the late 1980s. Steve is still racing these cars having finished 3rd in 2008 with 7 wins. In 1987 he won 46 features, including 12 in a row, and 24 of the last 26 events. Steve has been described by the media, fans. and competitors as the best sprint car driver the sport has ever had.


If you run across one of these kits that isn't being sold at a ridiculous price, then you'd be advised to pick one up. They will add some interest to your collection and they look like nice builds.


Thanks to me and my usual bargain hunting.

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