Aoshima 1/24 Honda Modulo Stepwgn
KIT #:  030363
PRICE: $18.45 on sale at (36.95 SRP)
DECALS: Plates, instruments and logos
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


The Honda Stepwgn is a mid-sized MPV produced by Honda since 1996. It is designed with a higher cabin, in contrast to the Odyssey and later also the Stream. Additionally, it can accommodate 8 people, instead of 7 in Odyssey and Stream. In standard form the car has one door on the driver's side but two doors on the pavement / sidewalk side.

The Honda Stepwgn appeared in the Tokyo Motor Show as the "F-MX" in 1995, and in 1996 May 8 the Stepwgn emerged. At that time, Japan's commercial delivery vehicles was based on the engine being under the driver's seat, or a cabover type like the Stepwgn was based on the Civic FF layout of the floor, a low-price strategy. The English name "STEPWGN", a grade name "W", "G", "N" and "pleasure. Only the passenger side has an sliding door. To improve profitability, cost reduction measures were used to reduce the cost of the engines and transmission to one type at a time Aperture, and the vehicle design reduced the use of steel, panels and parts in the division's efforts to reduce the price.

On 1997, August 25, the driver's seat and passenger's seat had airbags and ABS as standard. Simultaneously, "Armas", a vehicle care service, launched.

On August 27 1998, G-only seats based on skin type, such as collard bumper-equipped "DERAKUSHI".

The vehicle received a facelift on 1999 May 20. The appearance of the headlight and the rear license plate position was moved down.

On April 6, the "Speedy" part of thr equipment was based on a simplified "Krafty".

On November 30 2000, a G-type of privacy glass was used as well as a remote controlled car key was used in a special "Goodie" model, which was the first and last special Stepwgn car.

The car went on to be upgraded in terms of its design and appearance. It is currently in its fourth generation. As this kit appears to be based on the first generation vehicle, I have limited the historical background to that type. For more information, visit the reference link.


As the kit box did not state the year of this kit, I have to assume it is a 1997-2000 version based on it only having a rear passenger door on the curb side. It is also a custom version as you can tell from the wheels and the different lower bumper.

The molding on this and other Aoshima car kits is very well done. This is a curbside, which is also typical of their lower priced line of kits. The chrome on the wheels and grille are very well done in that the chrome is not super bright, but more akin to bright aluminum. The vinyl tires are also very nicely molded. The one-piece undertray has separate front and rear coil suspension pieces with stub axles. The front wheels appear to be designed to be able to be turned as the tie rod simply snaps in place. There are additional plastic washers to install on the kingpins to help provide a solid mounting for the lower front suspension piece. The car has a complete interior and comes with very dark back side and rear glass. The front and forward side windows are clear as are the rear corner tail lights. These latter items will need to be painted with your favorite clear orange and red. The rear hatch is so molded that it can be posed open or closed.

The kit comes with a section of sandpaper, though looking through the instructions, I do not see any place it needs to be used. There is also a sheet of chrome foil. Again, no indication of where it is to be used. But this is understandable as everything in the instructions is written in Japanese. Even the paint information. It is obviously Gunze paint, but one will need a chart to figure out what color is what. The decal sheet provides instruments, plates and logos. While impossible to read, the instructions are pretty simple to figure out what piece goes where.


I have to admit that I bought this one on a whim and because it was on sale. Mini-vans are not something I am personally fond of, but they do have the possibility of paint schemes that offer a broad canvas.



I picked this one up at GreatModels. You can find a lot of neat car and other kits and accessories in stock and ready to ship.

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