Hasegawa 1/48 BMW 327

KIT: Hasegawa 1/48 BMW 327
KIT #: 36013
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Same kit as supplied in earlier Priller 190 release


In November 1928 BMW acquired the Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach A.G. (Marke "Dixi") from the Gothaer Waggonfabrik bringing the independent existence of Dixi to an end and the Eisenach factory became the birthplace of car manufacturing by BMW. The Dixi continued briefly as the BMW Dixi but the renamed BMW-Factory Eisenach soon started making an updated version of the car called the BMW 3/15PS dropping the Dixi name. By 1931, 25000 cars had been produced in a series going from DA 1 to DA 4. The DA-3, a sporting version, saw a re-appearance of the Wartburg name. In 1932 a new small car, the 3/20 AM-1, was announced with independent suspension all round and an enlarged 788cc (48ci) engine.

In 1933 BMW started to develop bigger cars with 6-cylinder engines. The first car of which was the BMW 303. Later successors were the BMW 315, BMW 319, BMW 327 and the elegant sports coupe BMW 328, of which 62,864 were produced. All of these cars were quite expensive so to own one was very much a status symbol.

In 1942 regular automobile production was stopped because of World War II. The BMW factory in Eisenach started to manufacture motorcycles for the Wehrmacht as well as aircraft engines for the Luftwaffe. By the end of the war about 60% of the factory was destroyed.


This kit has the exact same plastic as that provided by the Priller 190 release. There are basically three sprues;  one with the parts for the car, one for the chrome bits, and one for the clear bits. Since this is the civilian version, there is a sprue that includes a woman and her dog. The kit provides a surprising amount of detail in what is admittedly not a large car. It is a curbside (no complete engine), but does offer the options of having the doors open or closed as well as three options for the top. Full up, full down and in a cover or down without the cover. You can also choose to not install the rear wheel skirts if you wish.

Instructions are very well done and provide all the appropriate indications of various options and colors. Paint reference is with Gunze paints and this may well be a problem for many modelers as Gunze is apparently pulling out of several markets due to the composition of its paints. The cars were apparently painted in several colors as options are given for Beige and Blue, Beige and Black, or Red and Black. Regardless of which is chosen, some careful masking will need to be done and some pieces, like the skirts and rear wheel cover should probably be painted prior to installation. The decal sheet provides all the pin striping and the chrome bits around the rear wheel cover, side bonnet screens and the grille, so no need to paint those areas.


I can tell you that it will make into a very nice little model. One that few have ever seen and something that will add to either your pre-war car collection or any 1/48 diorama. If you want to read about how it builds, then visit this review.

My thanks to www.dragonmodelsusa.com for the review kit

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