Revell 1/25 Z-28 Camaro RS






Two sets of stripes


Scott Van Aken




The Z-28 was developed to be a streetable version of their Trans-Am racing Camaro that was basically making mince-meat out of the competition in the hands of Mark Donohue and Roger Penske racing. The Z-28 package was for a high horsepower small block with a special handling package and the usual trim and decal bits.

Power for the Z-28 came from a 302 cubic inch engine with dual Holley four-barrel carbs, a Hurst 4 speed manual transmission and the 'Rallye Sport' (RS) trim package. Those who know cars, realize that this one not only started the plethora of Z-XX packages you can find from minicars to trucks, but also put the Camaro on the map as the car to have for Chevrolet fans. Sadly, the Camaro is no more with slow sales putting the end to Chevy's 'pony-car'.




Boxed under the Revell-Monogram label, it is more Monogram than it is Revell. The plastic is flash free with few sink areas and only a couple of those nasty ejector pin marks. Four nicely detailed Goodyear Polyglas radial tires are included. The chrome is particularly well done, though many will chose to remove the chrome and repaint many of the parts as the chrome is a bit too shiny!

The engine is well detailed with the engine/transmission a single casting. There is a properly complicated set of headers and the kit includes separate front and rear suspension pieces as well as a full exhaust . This kit includes the famous ram air hood and a most convincing liner to go inside it. Also included in the plastic bits are some parts, such as the grille, for a standard Camaro, should the builder wish to do that version.

Instructions are excellent as is typical with modern R-M car kits, though it is strictly up to the builder as to what color to paint the body. In that light, two sets of racing stripes are provided; one black and one white. They are very shiny and have quite a bit of excess clear around them. I'm not sure just how they will work, but fortunately, there are aftermarket decals available (at least there was the last time I looked in SAE). A number of racing product decals are also included, though they'd have little use on a factory stock car.



Since I've been dabbling in the dark side lately, this one might not be a bad choice. It is well detailed and should not be that difficult to build, though it may well be time consuming due to the rather large number of parts.

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