MPC 1/25 1927 Lincoln Roadset




Long out of production


only pin stripes


Scott Van Aken




New for 1927 on Lincolns were the dual filament high beam/low beam headlights enclosed in bullet-shaped chrome shells. Also new for 1927 Lincolns was the "coincidental lock" for the ignition and steering wheel. The 1927 Lincolns also had a three speed transmission with shift controls on the floor that fed the power of the Model L 60 degree flat head V-8 to one of three wheel options: Buffalo wire, steel disc and 12-spoke natural finished wood. Four wheel mechanical brakes were standard in 1927.


If you like car kits and especially the antiques (which I guess this is), then this is a kit you'll be interested in. MPC has had a reputation of producing some of the more unusual car kits over the years. This was one of a series of antique cars produced that seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle of the demise of MPC. AMT bought MPC so the molds may still exist if there is enough interest in resurrecting this and the other old-timer car kits.

Anyway, there are a lot of parts to this one as it includes a full engine and interior. The white walls are inserts that are plugged into the wheels, a rather novel way of doing this. Other than the rotating wheels, opening rumble seat and storage door, the only other 'moveable' part is the hood, which has a center hinge so that you can display the engine. You can also build the rear luggage rack open or closed and a trunk is provided if you wish it open. Overall there seems to be quite a bit of flash on some of the parts, though it is not typical of the rest of the molding. The two chrome sprues are well done and the chrome shows no signs of flaking or other damage that often happens over a long period of time. My experience with MPC kits is that they need to be carefully built to alleviate any fit problems before they become disasters.

Instructions are the all pictorial versions that we are now so accustomed to. Any specific areas of concern are noted if it seems there could be some confusion about parts placement, a nice touch. No color information is given at all in the construction section. There are decals for pinstripes in white and black. The only information given there is to use the black with light colors and vice-versa. The decals are in very poor condition and I doubt if any modern builder would consider using them. Besides MPC decals were known for being pretty terrible, even when the kit was new.



If you like cars from the twenties and thirties, then this is something you should seriously consider seeking out

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