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Richard A Franks


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 162 pages, A4 Format, softcover,
ISBN: 978-1-912932-13-9, Airframe Album #16

This latest edition of Airframe Album is one I have been looking forward to since I heard of its release. Though the subject was not exactly an overly successful aircraft, it did have it moments where it was. It is also one of the neatest looking twins of the war and a plane I particularly like, though have not modeled all that much.

Designed to replace the Bf-110, the type looked good but was rife with issues including some vary basic handling problems that was pretty well cured by going from twin fins to a single one and lengthening the fuselage. It was not widely exported, but it was built under license in Hungary with a percentage of the output going to the Luftwaffe.

It was built in several variations that include heavy fighter, light bomber, night intruder, and reconnaissance. It is in the heavy fighter role against unescorted US bomber streams where it proved to be quite successful. However, as was often the case in the air war, that was short lived and against escort fighters it was fairly easy prey.

The book follows the usual script with a history of the type, the different variants, close up images of two extant airframed as well as period images and tech manual drawings. There is a section on the differences between airframes and one on the various camouflage schemes worn by the aircraft. Needless to say, these sections are fairly extensive considering the number of variants and sub-variants of the Meteor that were produced. This series is not specifically a model building offering so there is but one full build article. That is of the Meng 1/48 Me-410. The reviewer does a nice job on it but is not enamored with it stating the Revell kit is probably a better deal in this scale. We also are provided with the usual listing of kits, decals and accessories near the end.

In all, a most welcome addition to what is a superb series of books and well worth the effort of picking up. This one is going right into my reference library.

November 2020

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