Stratus' Spotlight On Battle of Britain Defenders


Andrezej M. Olejniczak




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 42 pages, hardbound, A4 format, landscape.
ISBN: 978-83-66549-14-2

Stratus series of 'Spotlight On' books has obviously been quite popular as the series continues to grow. This latest one is on the defenders of the Battle of Britain in 1940. The types covered in this volume are the Hurricane, Spitfire and the Defiant. The latter type was more involved than people think, though it was not successful as its intended mission of bomber destroyer.

This edition is similar to the last ones that I reviewed. Specifically, this one is mostly side profiles. These profiles are superbly done and offer the sort of detail that one rarely gets from photos of this time period. There are a variety of markings schemes that should be enough to whet the appetite of the modeler looking for something a bit different in their next build. This book also continues what has become a 'thing' with Stratus and that is including large images of the instrument panel of the subjects, in this case, the Spitfire and Hurricane are featured.

In all, it is a great book for color profile fans and for the modeler looking for some reference material for the next project. I know that once you get one of these volumes, you will be quite pleased with what is in there. Highly recommended.

December 2020

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