Start's U-Boot im Focus #17




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 56 pages, 9 x 12 inches, softbound
ISBN: 978-3-941437-41-8

The latest edition of U-boot im Focus has arrived at MM world headquarters. This periodical has turned into a favorite as much because it has great photos and great stories as anything. The publishers go to great length not only to properly research each article, but also to provide quality, never before published images. As sometimes happens, full information on a subject is difficult to find, but each edition starts off with an errata section that provides additional information on previous issues. Much of this comes from readers who have relatives who served and have passed down their experiences.

#17 continues in its offerings of excellence and provides a number of shorter articles and one that is fairly long. In this case the longer article is on the U-126, which is a type IXc boat and subject of the cover photo. This article covers its full operational career and as such the boat was fairly successful. Lots of great photos and charts. There are other nice articles on type IXc boats as much to highlight their latest decals for the new Revell kit as anything else. These are most welcome and add insight to what is on the decals.

Another interesting article is on how these boats did navigation at sea and often in fairly inclement weather. Unlike today where there is GPS and inertial navigation equipment, the methods of navigation of the time were such as done for centuries and relied on the sun and star positions, when it was possible to obtain that information. Others skills were required for overcast days. In addition to these stories there are some great color photos and color artwork as we have come to expect.

In all, another superb edition. If you are a fan of submarines in general and U-boats in particular, you should be getting this.

August 2019

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