Start's U-Boot im Focus #15




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 56 pages, 9 x 12 inches, softbound
ISBN: 978-3-941437-35-7

This periodical has turned into a favorite as much because it has great photos and great stories as anything. The publishers go to great length not only to properly research each article, but also to provide quality, never before published images. As sometimes happens, full information on a subject is difficult to find, but each edition starts off with an errata section that provides additional information on previous issues. Much of this comes from readers who have relatives who served and have passed down their experiences.

#15 is a bit different from those that have gone before. Normally there are a couple of fairly long and comprehensive articles with a number of much shorter ones. This volume is basically three quite complete articles. One is on the U-84 and her operations off the US coast and Carribean, another is on Kptlt. Schepke that includes a number of excellent period color photos, while the third is an article on something about which I never knew and that is on the code names of boats. Apparently when they were in the docks they were provided a code name so that radio intercepts and spies would not know specifically what boat was being mentioned. It covers the bases at LeHavre and St.Nazaire and is a most interesting story.

There are some other shorter pieces, but those three pretty well dominate the edition. Like others in the series they are in both German and English. If you have any interest in U-boats, then this is a magazine you should seriously consider.

September 2017

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