Start's 1/48 Luftwaffe im Focus Decals


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 10 schemes

For those of you familiar with Start's Luftwaffe im Focus magazines, you know that they are superbly researched and over the years have brought a considerable amount of new information to light on these boats and the men who sailed in them.

What they have done is to produce a decal sheet that covers several of the aircraft that have been featured in issues 9 to 24 that have not been done on other decal sheets. The sheet provides the unique markings of each of these aircraft and requires the builder to use the kit decals for all the others. No specific kit is listed for these markings. In some cases the choice is simple as there is only one kit in this scale while in others you can choose from a number of options. None of these markings is such that you have to have a certain kit.

Below is a listing as to what is covered in the sheet along with the issue of the magazine from which it is taken.

Bf-109E-4 coded <-+ based on the Channel Front in September 1940 - Issue 21
Bf-109E-7 of Oblt. Mutherich, III./JG 54, Black 10, Balkans 1941 - Issue 9
Bf-109F-2, Yellow 10 of 3./JG 52, October 1941 - Issue 19
FW-190A-8, black 1 + 12, Germany, May 1945 - Issue 20
Bf-110G-2, M8 5, I./ZG76, 1944 - Issue 24
Bf-110G-4, Maj. Helmut Lent, NJG 3, D5+AA, Sept 1943 - Issue 17
Ju-88A-4, Obst. Heinrich Conrady, Stab KG 3, 1943 - Issue 20
Hs-129B-2, 4.(Pz)/Schl.G.1, <∆+H, 1943 - Issue 22
Ju-87D-3, Obst. Dr. Kupfer, StG 2, T6_AA, summer 1943 - Issue 21
Bf-109G-14/AS, Uffz Schwendtmayer, ∆+8, I./EJG 2, Germany 1945 - Issue 23

Included with this sheet is a superb booklet that includes a photo and profile of each of the subjects to assist with placement of the markings. I can pretty well guarantee that you'll not find these markings from any other source. The instructions are in German, but this should not be a hindrance to using these superb decals.

August 2014

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