Messerschmitt Bf-109G/K Field Conversion Kits
by Harald Vogt

Schiffer Publishing, 1998


If you have been reading about Bf-109s and come across a designation like ' Bf-109G-14/R2/AS ' and wonder what all that stuff is after the main aircraft designation, then this is the book for you.

Harald Vogt does a very good job of dissecting all the terminology and gives explanations that are clear and understandable.  There are several tables and charts as well as side drawings of the various aircraft showing the different kits in place.

These explanations are accompanied with photos and excerpts from the various technical manuals. In addition, there are some nice color photos in the center of the book. The only problem I could see results from incomplete proofreading, a problem of Schiffer books that crops up rather frequently.  

A publication that is short on lengthy descriptions, but is very handy if you need a quick reference to the confusing nomenclature of 109 field conversion kits.

Scott Van Aken