Random Thoughts 41/3
BY: IPMS Canada
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken - IPMS Canada #5729

The latest edition of IPMS Canada's Random Thoughts arrived in the mails the other day. As usual, there are some excellent articles within, including some that are a bit eclectic.

Not surprisingly, the edition has quite a bit about the Canadian participation in the IPMS USA Nationals. This includes not only the general event itself, but photos of those participating in the 'Best Canadian' subject. The crown of the feature is a couple of pages of the overall winner, which is also featured on the cover page. It is all great stuff and if you have never been to a national convention, you should plan on attending when one comes near you.

The first build article is a French Bf-109E-1 that was captured during the battle of France in 1940. In this, Jim Knight uses the Airfix kit and an interesting preshading technique.

Next we have John Lumley's CF-5A conversion. He starts out with the Hasegawa 1/32 F-5E and puts in a lot of time and effort into the project. The end result is quite well done and extensively documented.

Finally, a 1/72 Model T Ford racer by Al Magnus. This neat project uses an RPM kit as the basis and involves some well done model building to reach the finished product. As usual a lot of full color photos on the process accompany this nicely done project.

Another fine edition and one I look forward to every quarter. So, you are wondering, just how do I get this great club magazine. Well, it is simple. Just trade uncolorful money for full color magazines. IPMS Canada is a great group of people so you will be in very good company. Can't get much better than that, eh?

October 2019

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