Random Thoughts 39/3
BY: IPMS Canada
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken - IPMS Canada #5729

Each quarter I look forward to the latest edition of R/T to arrive in the mails. This is one of the best club magazines produced and is always interesting.

This edition is no exception. Lately, R/T has been producing fairly long articles. This is undoubtedly due to a dearth of input of shorter one and two page pieces. It is a situation that all editors run into and has lead the opening editorial to wonder if readers really want fairly long and involved articles. Well, from my standpoint, I like them. I may not duplicate the efforts of modelers who are obviously more talented than I, but I usually get ideas from each one.

Not surprisingly, this one starts out with the Canadian take on the US nationals convention. Every year they choose a 'best Canadian' subject from what are on the tables and in this case chose the cover car. A good choice as it is superbly done. I would hope for an article in the future, but it depends on the builder. All of the BC entrants are covered and there are the usual peering as well as grips and grins images.

The first article is Frank Cudden's very nicely done 1/144 C-2A Greyhound. Frank put in a considerable effort on this one using a resin kit that, well, needed a bit of help. The end result is superb.

Next is a Barry Madden article on figures. It is more of a general article that covers a bit on building and a lot on painting, something pretty much required when doing figures. Well worth reading even if you eschew miniatures like this.

The surprise article for me was Ian Moore's U-190 using Revell's 1/72 kit. Apparently this boat went to its demise with a garish yellow and red paint scheme that Ian superbly duplicated. An interesting read to say the least.

Finally there is Gary Barling's build of a Canadian Fokker D.VII. Gary uses the 1/32 Wingnut Wings kit so as expected, the completed project is very well done.

How do you get these great editions? Simply join IPMS Canada and trade uncolorful money for full color magazines. It is well worth it. As a bonus, you also get their e-mail editions of Beaver Tails, which is separate from the magazine, and, when one is produced, you get their great decal sheets.

October 2017

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