Random Thoughts 39/2
BY: IPMS Canada
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken - IPMS Canada #5729

Just in time for Summer, the latest edition of R/T arrived in the mails. This is one of the best club magazines produced and I always look forward to each new edition.

This one has five main articles. Each of them are, as they say, profusely illustrated, which is what one wants from articles. As is often the case with club pubs, the internet has not impacted them in a positive manner, however, they do have a dedicated cadre of builders who managed to keep the magazine interesting.

First up is a very nicely done Revell 1/72 CH-135 Twin Huey (AKA UH-1N) Massimo Santarossa did this one in the overall yellow scheme. I think this is a reboxed Italeri kit and apparently they goobered up the nose, but Massimo provides an easy fix.

Next is the cover model. This superbly done Miniart 1/35 Caterpillar D7 was modified to produce an Canadian Army armored cat. Barry Madden did a lot of work on this one and there are a ton of photos showing his work.

Frank Cudden has the third article and this one is the Airfix 1/144 B.737-200. Those of us who like airliners have built this one a bunch of times and Frank has included some resin replacement engines with his. Lots of good tips.

Massimo Santarossa gets an encore this issue with a pair of Sweet 1/144 FM-2 Wildcats. These really are great kits and live up to their brand name.

Finally, we get the second part of Richard Clairoux's 1/48 CF-105 Arrow build. Once again, lots of great building tips for this very popular subject.

In all, a nice read and an issue that is quite informative in many ways.  

How do you get these great editions? Simply join IPMS Canada and trade uncolorful money for full color magazines. It is well worth it. As a bonus, you also get their e-mail editions of Beaver Tails, which is separate from the magazine, and, when one is produced, you get their great decal sheets.

July 2017

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