BOOK: Random Thoughts 38/3
BY: IPMS Canada
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken - IPMS Canada #5729

Once again, the speedy Canadian Post, in conjunction with the USPS, brought to me the latest edition of Random Thoughts, just days before the start of the new season (yup, Fall already). I have to say, that on-line magazines are fine, but I prefer the feel of paper in my hands as I'm not tied to an electronic device to be able to enjoy it. Besides, magazines, whether club or otherwise, no longer need to carry things of immediacy in them as that aspect of publishing has moved on to other platforms.

Now this particular issue was highly anticipated as it includes a great decal sheet that is only available to current subscribers. You want one, well you can't have it as they don't make extras, so get in your subscription for future releases. This particular sheet covers what is included in most of this edition, which is the Canadian Hurricane.

Not going in order, the feature article is Jim Bates' continuing historical treatise on the Canadian Hurricane, this time concentrating on those built for Canada by the Canadian Car and Foundry (CCF). These planes were different in several aspects to those sent to the RAF. For one thing, they had Packard Merlin engines. Another is that they mostly used Hamilton Standard props, they had 12 guns, and they had the original tail wheel gear. Most also kept the BoB style camouflage. It is a very interesting read and if anyone knows who does a Canadian style spinner, that would be nice to know.

To go along with this is an upgraded review of Vic Shuerman's Hurricane XII (as the Canadian built planes were designated). Of course there is also information on the four planes on the decal sheet to assist builders who want to use it. None of the options are such that can be built right from the box so aftermarket and even parts robbing will be required.

Other articles are on the Canadian subjects at the IPMS/USA convention and a superb one on doing six different Canadian Shermans of all sorts using a variety of kits.

How do you get these great editions? Simply join IPMS Canada and trade money for magazines. It is well worth it. As a bonus, you also get their e-mail editions of Beaver Tails, which is separate from the magazine. An annual subscription will also get you any decal sheets they produce so well worth it.

September 2016


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