Pacific Monograph's Rivetcounter 1: USS Arizona

AUTHOR#: Burl Burlingame
PRICE: $7.95
PUBLISHER: Pacific Monograph
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

Softcover, 5.5x7.5 inches, 64 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9629227-5-6

One of the most visited places in Hawaii is the USS Arizona memorial. This is maintained by both the US Navy and the US Park Service. The Arizona is probably one of the most modeled subjects when it comes to ships and anyone who has a penchant for ships has probably built one of the many scale models available from time to time of this doomed battleship.

In 2007, the US Park Service contracted with modeler Don Preul to build a 1/96 scale replica of the Arizona as she was on the day she was sunk. That was done and the results of that work are here in this book. What you have are detail images of this model from all angles. The model does not include the floatplanes as they were ashore on 7 December, nor does it have the usual awnings in place as that would mask the detail work that has been done.

Each page includes two images of the model with the top of the page showing where on the ship these images were taken.

It makes for an excellent reference book for anyone building a model of this ship or for those who just like to look at the results of master craftsmanship.

October 2016


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